Uusikaupunki, near the car factory.
  • RSF

    Rental Store Finland - Accommodation Village.

    Our accommodation is ideally located in a prime location. Only a 5-minute work journey means less than one hour of weekly work time. For comparison:
    Turku - 3 hours a day, 15 hours per week.
    Rauma - 2 hours a day, 10 hours per week.

    When you are living, you save your travel expenses and you can, for example, make some extra hours of transport schedules free. Or how does it sound like 10 hours a week for more time for your own hobbies? Gym, jogging ... This is possible for you by RSF Village Uusikaupunki.

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  • < km from town center & construction site


Fill out the link below to book rooms or call 050 4141 299 and book

For stays of 30 days or less, the entire stay is payable upon booking. Monthly or longer stays are paid in advance for one month at a time. At the time of booking, the first month and the following months will be paid at least 7 days before the beginning of the new accommodation period

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Autonrakentajantie 10
23500 Uusikaupunki

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Mon - Fri : 10.00 – 15.00